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Mastering rhythm has never been easier (or more fun!)

Hundreds of Practice Exercises

Developed by professional music teachers and musicians and used by students and musicians worldwide, the Rhythm Keeper offers exercises to be used at lessons and at home practices as well as easy-to-understand visual and written instructions.

A Beautiful book

Our method features curated artwork by LA's Maggie Chiang, as well as proportional spacing, clear note heads and a minimalist aesthetic/layout. Students will treasure their Rhythm Keeper forever.

effective pedagogy for all

Our pedagogy is based on decades of experience in the music teaching and professional performance fields. The Rhythm Keeper is flexibly designed for students of all ages and instruments to learn the critical skill of rhythm reading with subdivision.

About the Rhythm Keeper


Children absolutely love rhythm reading using this logical and progressive method. 

For teachers, by teachers

We created this book simply because we needed it in our own studio. Written with expertise, made with love.


Produced using eco-friendly, sturdy, non-toxic and high-quality materials. Printed ethically in the EU. Lay-flat binding. Proportional spacing. 

Meet your new favorite book

Rhythm Keeper, Volume 1.
Rhythm Keeper, Volume 1. Rhythm Keeper, Volume 1. Rhythm Keeper, Volume 1. Rhythm Keeper, Volume 1. Rhythm Keeper, Volume 1. Rhythm Keeper, Volume 1. Rhythm Keeper, Volume 1. Rhythm Keeper, Volume 1. Rhythm Keeper, Volume 1. Rhythm Keeper, Volume 1.

You will love your Rhythm Keeper. Paper sourced from sustainable Swedish forests. Printed ethically in the EU. Made with love in California.


This is a thoughtfully developed rhythm curriculum that works wonders among a wide age range, providing deep understanding of the musical theory and at the same time presenting itself in a fun and accessible way. Highly recommend to all music teachers and parents with children that are learning music!

– Bente K.

I love this book! I’ve been using it in my studio this year with excellent results. My students are charmed by the illustrations and are eager to show me their clapping assignments...It’s an excellent resource for private and group lessons and I couldn’t recommend it more highly.

– Liz C.

This book is a must-have for every music teacher! It is so important to work on rhythm separately from notes, and the authors have laid it out in a logical and sequential way, not to mention it has cute and engaging illustrations. I'll be buying many copies for my students in the future!

– Jennifer T.

I homeschool and I got this book for my two kids (ages 4 and 6) as part of their music theory lessons. Both of them find the lessons fun and engaging. Even the baby (15 months old) starts clapping along with the older kids. It is a wonderful way to teach rhythm, rhythm reading and math!

– Priyanka W.

In over thirty years as a teacher and professional musician, Musikal Husky’s Rhythm Keeper is one of the most comprehensive books I have seen on the subject of teaching rhythms. I would highly recommend Musikal Husky’s Rhythm Keeper by Steve Aho and Samantha Steitz for every music teacher and music student. It will surely take the place of every rhythm technique book you may have in your library.

– Eric W.

I am a Suzuki violin teacher and I have been using the Rhythm Keeper as a great sightreading book for my students. With how complicated 20th century and new music's rhythm is these days, I believe we need to start them earlier and learn more complicated rhythms at an early age. I love the way the levels in the book are organized and also that it gives a lot of exercises to practice with. Not to mention how beautiful the graphics are. Highly recommend!

– Megan S.

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